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Daniella Morris is a 18-year old beauty queen who resides in Long Island, New York. Not only is she the current reigning Miss New York Teen of America, but she also holds the 2007 Miss Teen of America title. You can often find Daniella working hard after school promoting her platform of Bully Prevention or doing volunteer work. She is also an active member of SADD(Students against drunk driving). She might be young, but Daniella has an incredible list of volunteerism. Daniella enjoys working with Girl Scouts of Nassau County Bully Prevention and she was also named The Bully Police New York Spokesperson. 

Daniella has been recognized throughout all of America being the recipient of the following awards:
  • The Presidental Volunteer Service Award 2006
  • Long Island's Caring Kid Award 2006
  • National Kid Volunteer Award 2006
  • Dedicated Dancer Scholarship 2006
  • State of New York Best Buddies Appreciation Award
  • New York Discover Tribute Award 2005
  • New York State Ambassador of Goodwill
  • CFHK Volunteerism Award 2005
  • Prudential Spirit Award 2004
  • Recognition and Appreciation of Volunteerism 2004
  • Kindheart Teenager Award 2004

Dancing, Writing, Singing, Running, Volunteering, Acting, Ventrilaquism, Modeling, Competing in Pageants, and Public Speaking are Daniella's favorite hobbies. You will most likely find her doing volunteer work on a Friday Night then hanging out. However, her biggest passion is dancing. Daniella enjoys ballet, lyrical, and hip hop dance. To be a dancer takes extreme dedication and that is exactly what Daniella has.

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Photo Credit to John Pier Adolfo

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