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Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria
Become Miss New York Teen of America
Teen 2007
Teen 2006
Rules and Regulations
Areas of Competition
Miss Teen of America

Interview: 25%
Judges will be looking for a young lady who has both brains and beauty. All delegates will be asked a series of questions and will have the opportunity to express herself in her own way. The judges will look for a confident, mature, reasonable, and informed young lady. They will also spend time getting to know about each contestants goals, ambitions, strengths, talents, and successes. The interview will last exactly 12 minutes for each contestant. This phase of competition will be held privately the day prior to the National Pageant.
Swimwear: 20%
Judges will be looking for facial beauty, physcial fitness, muscle tone, figure, and confidence. There will be no size discrimination. Swimsuits can be one piece or two piece. All swimsuits must be appropriate.
Talent: 15%
Judges will be looking for a talented and confident young lady. Contestants must perform a talent within a minimum time of 2 minutes and a maximum time of 5 minutes.
Evening Wear: 15%
Judges will be looking for a young lady with grace and poise, as well as being able to carry herself well. Judges will also look at overall appearance. Evening gowns should be floor length and nothing shorter will be accepted. All attire must be appropriate.
Photogenic: 5%
Judges will look for facial beauty and picture quality. All photos must be in color and must be 8x10. Any other photos submitted will not be accepted. All photos must be submitted the day of registration or you will not qualify.
Casual Wear: 10%
Judges will be looking for a graceful and confident young lady. Attire should represent each contestant in their way, so the judges can get a better sense of who you are. No denim, mini skirts, or halter tops are permitted. All skirts must atleast reach the top of your knee. All clothing must be age appropriate as well.
On Stage Question: 10%
Judges will again be looking for an informed and confident young lady. Each delegate will have a maximum of 30 seconds to answer. Each delegate will also be wearing their evening wear at this time.

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